About BlueKit

Providing maximum safety and at the same time lowering the running costs in the building - not an easy task if you don't want to neglect the underlying statutory requirements and the structural givens.

How to implement this idea stems from the pen of AirFlowControl, which has its headquarters in Luxemburg. The BlueKit system was first marketed in 2008. It was an energy efficient solution for lift shaft smoke extraction which addressed the problems associated with the permanent opening in the lift shaft and at the same time addressed the safety of lift users. The great development potential led first of all to a close partnership, then a joint venture, between AirFlowControl and D+H Mechatronic AG in Ammersbek. Since 2019, BlueKit belongs 100% to the D+H Group and is responsible for the further development and marketing of BlueKit solutions on the European market with branches in Austria, Germany and Luxemburg.

The BlueKit success story at a glance

Economy and ecology from a single source

According to the latest EU reports, the building sector, with 40% of the total energy consumption, is the biggest consumer in the European Union. The intention is to reduce this figure successively in the coming years by relevant directives for new buildings.

BlueKit sees the huge potential here for combining economic and ecological aspects. This is why we focus not only on the greatest possible energy savings, but also on sustainability and protection of the environment. Reducing CO₂ emissions in buildings by the use of our BlueKit systems makes a vital contribution to this.

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Tomorrow’s solutions in today’s buildings

A further essential cornerstone of our activities consists of the continuous onward development of our systems to enable us to satisfy the constant flow of new standards and statutory requirements. We develop our systems whilst constantly addressing all the relevant factors so that we set standards in the fields of safety and quality.

Thanks to many years of experience, we are quick to recognise trends which we then translate into future-orientated products and services to generate economic advantages for our customers - true to our slogan: Tomorrow’s solutions in today’s buildings.