Energy efficient ventilation in the lift shaft

With the BlueKit AIO and BlueKit AIO Basic systems, you reduce energy costs and at the same time ensure safety and comfort in the lift shaft. The system combines efficient and needs-optimised ventilation with reliable smoke extraction.

BlueKit – the perfect interplay of reliable components

Schachtgrafik BlueKit Produkte

1 Ventilation flap (SHEV)

BlueKit Jalousieklappe JK 180 HV 2

Cutting back on energy losses thanks to closure of the opening in the lift shaft. Ventilates and extracts smoke when necessary.

Product details

  • Depending on the building type, with or without weather protection
  • For vertical or horizontal installation

About SHEV solutions

2 Central unit

BlueKit BK AIO Zentraleinheit

Receiving and transmitting the trigger signal to open the ventilation flap.

Product details
Stand-alone central unit with integrated temperature sensor and extended connection options.

3 Smoke detection

BlueKit Lift Beam Controller

Smoke detection throughout the lift shaft height and signal transmission to the central unit.

Product details

  • Two options: Point-type smoke detectors or infrared detectors (SD-L-F1)
  • Choice dependent on shaft dimensions and building requirements

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4 Lift Status Transmitter (LST-CO2)

BlueKit Lift Status Transmitter LST CO2

Monitoring air quality right in the lift car. Additional monitoring of movements or emergency situations in the lift. If needed, ventilation signal to the central unit.

Product details

  • Integrated temperature sensor, CO2 sensor and acceleration sensor
  • Time-controlled and use-dependent ventilation functions
  • Temperature sensor on the car – now even more accurate
  • Wireless radio link to the central unit

5 Manual trigger button with status display (optional)

BlueKit Manueller Taster RT 45 L

Manual triggering of a ventilation or smoke extraction command and system status display.

Product details
LED Status display depending on model option:

  • Ventilation
  • Fire alarm
  • Malfunction

Energy efficiency

Reducing energy costs by closure of the permanent opening


Guarantee of safety for lift users thanks to reliable smoke detection and ventilation in emergency situations


Air quality improvement, reduction in humidity, odours and cold draught


Fewer servicing cycles and associated downtimes because of dust deposits in the lift door drive systems

Environmental protection

Lower CO2 emissions and promotion of a sustainable building concept

BlueKit AIO Basic and BlueKit AIO in comparison The right system for every shaft

BlueKit AIO Basic BlueKit AIO
Shaft properties
Shaft height (m) up to 100* up to 200
Shaft type Single and group shaft Single and group shaft
System type with and without machine room with and without machine room
System components
smoke detector Point-type smoke detector (up to 36m)
SD-L-F1 (up to 100m)
Point-type smoke detector (up to 32m)
RAS (up to 200m)
Lift-Beam (8 up to 200m)
Connection with manual buttons up to 8 up to 8
System status display on button Ventilation
Fire alarm
Fire alarm
Manual release ventilation
Max. Number of NSHEVs up to 2 up to 6 (spring return)
up to 2 (direct current)
NSHEV ventilation area (m2) 0,1 up to 1,2 0,1 up to 1,2
NSHEV drive Spring return motor Spring return or direct current motor
Safety in case of power failure (opening of the ventilation component) Spring return Spring return or emergency battery
Safety in case of line and component malfunction Fail-Safe Fail-Safe
Connection options
Connection to lift control and fire alarm system
Connection to a smoke protection pressure system
Connection thermostat, siren, flashing light, etc.
CE compliant components
Proof of function
Type of certification VdS approval according to DIN EN 12101-10, ISO 21927-9 abZ (general technical approval)
* Special configuration available on request.