What should be done if the opening in the elevator shaft can not be closed?

Common problems

  • A component blocks the opening
  • The ventilation element protrudes into the prescribed safety clearance
  • An integrated shutter could affect the required ventilation area

The answer: Slide Flap – Space-saving and flexible ventilation in stock

The closing element for elevator shaft openings contains in its frame a movable sliding panel, which is motor-operated. Thanks to this unique system, the installation height has been reduced to a minimum. The slide flap is thus ideal for use in existing buildings, as it does not protrude too deep into the shaft and does not further reduce the free cross section of the existing opening.

Your advantages

  • Great mounting flexibility and possible applications
  • Low weight, simple and flexible installation
  • Easy connection to the L-AIO system with RJ-45 cable
  • Low noise drive

Further informations on the Slide Flap: