BlueKit Lift Vision: Measure the energy losses in the lift shaft and visualise them in real time

You have no control over the energy losses from the lift shaft - but how much and what exactly does it cost you?

With BlueKit Lift Vision, get a clear picture with real data taken from your building. A measuring device fixed in front of the permanent opening in the machine room gives you details of your energy losses. This includes your existing kW/h charges in the calculation so you get realistic results.

The energy losses (in kW/h and €) and CO₂ emissions are transmitted in real time to a networked portal which you can access conveniently from your PC or tablet via a password-protected link.

Your benefits

  • Real data straight from your lift shaft
  • Simply rent it - no equipment costs
  • Allowance for installation costs when ordering
  • Quick to install - ready for use immediately
  • System unique on the market
  • Access via an online portal in real time

See for yourself from the example of the Salzburg Regional Hospital

Test report " Salzburg Regional Hospital" (German)
PDF, 1.07 MB