BlueKit Services: Your experts for installation, maintenance and service for lift shaft smoke extraction At your side in every project stage

Project and proposal preparation

In existing buildings:

  • Identification of the shaft features (location of the opening, machine room, stairwell).
  • Measurement of air quality and the natural thermal airflow in the shaft
  • Respecting the building's configuration (building services, electrical cabling)
  • Calculation of a savings and payback report specific to the building

In new buildings:

  • Appraisal of the construction plans and creation of an efficient lift shaft smoke extraction concept
  • Support in the planning stage with need-optimised specifications
  • Provision of DWG drawings for simple integration into your building plans

Creation of a personalised quote for our systems and services

Project management

  • Creation of a time frame for project implementation
  • Conflation of operator documentation and risk analysis
  • Coordination of system installation and where necessary consultation with other trades working on the building
  • Organisation of a joint inspection and acceptance date

Your benefits

  • Turnkey services from a single source
  • No unnecessary storage, logistics or fault costs
  • Increases capacities and relieves your staff
  • Planning certainty thanks to flexible installation work
  • Availability and rapid exchange of spare parts
  • Trained technical staff with many years of experience