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Kamineffekt Aufzugschacht
Chimney effect in the lift shaft

A question about safety but also about energy costs

An external opening inserted in the shaft head is used to ventilate the lift shaft. This opening is a requirement at European level by virtue of EN 81-20.

However, if this opening is permanently open, this causes considerable energy losses. In winter, heated building air escapes through the non-airtight lift doors and in summer, hot external air which has been drawn in has to be cooled. Without a suitable solution to prevent these losses, energy costs rise significantly.

More on the legal background

Energy costs-reducing lift shaft ventilation

Safety and energy savings at the same time may seem like an impossibility but with BlueKit, it's a reality - that's the advantage of the intelligent and independently operating BlueKit system. When a BlueKit closure component is installed in the external opening in the lift shaft, this prevents the continuous escape of heated building air and eliminates the need to provide continuous cooling for the incoming summer air. In an emergency or when ventilation is needed, the closure component opens automatically.

Lift shaft ventilation

Even in airtight lift shafts without an external opening, BlueKit ensures that there is sufficient ventilation.

In some passive buildings and low energy buildings, lift shafts are constructed with a ventilation opening to the stairwell instead of an external opening. Even here, BlueKit provides an appropriate solution. This solution delivers ventilation performance meeting both the statutory requirements and the needs of a lift shaft located in an energy-saving, air tight building.

Ventilation in airtight buildings

Feel the BlueKit effects Saves valuable energy – Improves air quality

  • Reduced energy losses
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced CO2-emissions
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Odour reduction
  • Less fine dust particles and lower humidity

Why BlueKit?

  • Patented and certified technology
  • Future-oriented systems
  • Comprehensive service
  • Collaboration with leading lift constructors