Kamineffekt im Aufzugsschacht
Chimney effect in the lift shaft

Energy upgrades begin in the lift shaft

Does that sound hard to believe? - When the energy features of buildings are modernised, it is common practice to fall back on conventional measures such as external wall insulation, renovation of heating systems or solar thermal energy. But in so doing, a crucial and effective approach is often overlooked - prevention of energy losses in the lift shaft.

The cause of these losses can be traced back to a phenomenon known as the chimney effect. This involves the building's heating and AC energy entering the lift shaft through the non-airtight lift doors. It then escapes uncontrolled through the permanent opening in the lift head which exists to provide ventilation for the lift shaft. Inevitably, this entails significant energy costs.

Cut down systematically on energy costs

The BlueKit systems provide a solution which is as simple as it is reliable - The opening is closed off with a suitable ventilation flap. Ventilation in the lift shaft is constantly regulated by various different system components which control the flap when necessary. In this way, the heating energy remains in the building, which enables savings of up to several thousand euro per year. This reduces operating costs and eliminates undesirable side effects such as odours and noise.

BlueKit not only saves valuable energy, it also noticeably improves everyday life in each building at the same time.

BlueKit - Your partner for energy saving and safety

Differing building types – Differing needs

Skyline Vorteile BlueKit Systeme

Noise from draughts, cold lift cars, odour nuisance – to eradicate these, BlueKit has a simple solution to improve comfort levels - providing need-optimised ventilation for the lift shaft.