Reliable smoke detection in the lift shaft Depending on your needs, choose the option with a point-type smoke detector or a modern infrared detector

LIFT Beam (LB)

Fire detection is assured through an infrared beam directed towards a reflecting prism. In the event of fire, the power of the beam is weakened and an alarm signal is transmitted to the infrared transmitter. The Auto-Align function: automatic, motor-driven alignment of the infrared beam, and the Auto-Optimise function: adjustment to compensate for building movements and impurities make LIFT Beam the best smoke detection system.

Your benefits:

 • Non-stop shaft monitoring
• Low maintenance expense.
• Easy to check
• Low installation expense

Point-type smoke detector (PD)

Point-type smoke detectors are fixed vertically on the shaft wall with mounting brackets. If there is a fire, latest generation point-type smoke detectors enable reliable and rapid smoke detection in the lift shaft on the scattered light principle. They are suitable for monitoring lift shafts, machine rooms and/or evacuation levels.

Your benefits:

• Flexible installation
• Low space requirement
• Cost-effective solution for buildings with few storeys