Reliable smoke detection in the lift shaft Depending on your needs, choose the option with a point-type smoke detector or a modern infrared detector

Linear infrared transmitter (SD-L-F1)

The smoke detection system with optical infrared beam SD-L-F1 is based on the well-known and proven Lift Beam technology. It has been improved for use in the lift shaft and consists of two components: An infrared detector, which is installed in the shaft head, and a reflector. Connected to the central unit of the ventilation system, the infrared detector sends an infrared beam that is reflected back to the infrared transmitter by the reflector in the shaft pit. The SD-L-F1 evaluates the intensity of the beam and thus reports smoke in the lift shaft.

Your benefits:

  • Compact housing
  • Installed and operational in no time at all
  • Easy alignment with just a few button presses
  • Low acquisition and operating costs
  • Certified according to EN 54-12

LIFT Beam (LB)

Fire detection is assured through an infrared beam directed towards a reflecting prism. In the event of fire, the power of the beam is weakened and an alarm signal is transmitted to the infrared transmitter. The Auto-Align function: automatic, motor-driven alignment of the infrared beam, and the Auto-Optimise function: adjustment to compensate for building movements and impurities make LIFT Beam the best smoke detection system.

Your benefits:

 • Non-stop shaft monitoring
• Low maintenance expense.
• Easy to check
• Low installation expense

Point-type smoke detector (PD)

Point-type smoke detectors are fixed vertically on the shaft wall with mounting brackets. If there is a fire, latest generation point-type smoke detectors enable reliable and rapid smoke detection in the lift shaft on the scattered light principle. They are suitable for monitoring lift shafts, machine rooms and/or evacuation levels.

Your benefits:

• Flexible installation
• Low space requirement
• Cost-effective solution for buildings with few storeys