BIM ready with BlueKit and the DigiPara Litdesigner

For more than 25 years, DigiPara has been developing software for efficient lift planning and configuration. As an expert in BIM lift building, DigiPara's software applications are used in more than 130 countries worldwide as well as used by well-known companies such as Kone, Otis, Schindler and ThyssenKrupp. In 2018, around 1,000,000 drawings and 3D BIM models have been automatically created worldwide using DigiPara’s BIM software.
The DigiPara® LiftDesigner allows for the creation of proposal drawings and 3D BIM models at the push of a button. As of now, the LiftDesigner can also be used to plan for shaft smoke extraction with BlueKit systems. In the manufacturer library you will find 3D drawings and BIM-compatible files of BlueKit system components, as well as a variety of ventilation elements. BlueKit is thus the first manufacturer of smoke extraction and lift shaft ventilation systems whose components can be found in the LiftDesigner.

  • Planning aid for lift manufacturers: All BlueKit product features are automatically integrated in the LiftDesigner
  • Reduction of consulting fees: Information such as structural openings, etc. can directly be queried in the LiftDesigner
  • Early consideration of components: Thanks to early integrating, planning difficulties are avoided
  • Immediate conditions visualization: system components are accurately displayed in the 3D display
  • Planning security with perspective: With the BlueKit BIM data, you are optimally prepared for the future